Court Services

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Court Services from Morison and Smith

Civil Litigation

Morison and Smith Solicitors provide a comprehensive civil court service and are able to advise you on the relevant court procedure and conduct a wide variety of civil court cases on behalf of clients. We have outlined on our website some of the specific civil court services which we offer, although we are happy to discuss pursuing or defending most civil claims on your behalf, including commercial disputes.

Debt Recovery

We understand the need for businesses and individuals to seek to recover payment of outstanding sums due to them and the impact of non payment on the cash flow (and potentially the success) of a business. We are experienced in debt recovery matters and can assist you to pursue payment by issuing demand letters through to raising court proceedings in the appropriate forum and advising you on enforcing any decree (court judgment) obtained. Simple procedure is the court process which was introduced in November 2016 and which replaced small claims and most summary cause actions. This procedure is designed to provide a speedy, inexpensive and informal way to resolve disputes where the monetary value does not exceed £5,000. Where the monetary value of the claim exceeds £5,000 then an ordinary cause action is required. We are experienced in pursuing and defending such claims.